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What is Business Intelligence?


Business Intelligence (BI) is an IT solution which helps organizations in decision-making process. By implementing BI we can increase control over business processes, increase marketing effectiveness, reduce inventory and product distribution costs. Beneficiaries of systems are organizations from various sectors of economy, including: finance, transport, commerce, health.

Within Business Intelligence we create a set of tools for analysts, managers and business executives. Organizing and integrating data enables to better discover trends and dependencies that occur in customer behavior, business processes, etc. Business Intelligence systems built by our team support your business in these operations as well as provide the opportunity to visualize and report data in an easy and fun way.

Our offer

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Data integration

Integration of data from different IT systems

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Data warehouses

Integration of databases of individual departments of the company

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Reporting and analysis

Preparation of recurring reports available on time and anywhere

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Customer Intelligence

Analysis of customer behavior based on data

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Data quality

Providing the highest quality of data in the system

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Big data

Processing and analyzing huge and diverse data sets to gain new knowledge

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Data Science service

Gaining business advantage with data

We integrate data from multiple sources, IT systems, and data migrations. We use the best ETL tools from Informatica, Microsoft or SAS and the knowledge of our analysts.

Nowadays data is captured and stored in different systems and formats, even within a single department. Therefore, one of the basic and first steps in building a knowledge-based organization is the process of data integration. Merging of data form and content allows for central data warehouses to be pooled, thus building consistent reports and analyzes.

We create data warehouses that store large amounts of data from different systems and sources in the organization. Our developers and architects use primarily Microsoft and Oracle tools.

Data warehouses are complex IT systems introduced in organizations to integrate data into coherent business areas and thus provide greater analytical capabilities. With aggregated data from various business areas of the company, it is possible to perform cross-sectional analyzes. By implementing enterprise data warehouses, data mining is possible from general trends to specific issues.

We offer the preparation of dedicated cyclical reports and analyzes in various systems and sections. Reports and analyses are available at any time and place. We also provide tools for self-prepared reports by business users. We offer our clients solutions of SAS, Microsoft and Tableau.

Thanks to us the company is able to control sales, analyze the costs or effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and on the basis of this knowledge plan optimally their further actions. Information is presented in various categories and is available to individual branches of the organization.

By running marketing campaigns, entrepreneurs try to reach more and more channels with their customers. The choice of the optimum method and the message to be transmitted is crucial. By effectively using CRM systems and tools, it is possible to identify the target group of marketing activities. The efficient management of marketing campaigns not only increases their effectiveness, but also reduces the cost of operations.

By implementing and developing tools for data-driven marketing automation, we use SAS software.

We provide our clients the complete data cleaning process, ie data quality assessment, parsing, standardization and deduplication, preparation of ready data sets and automation of the whole process.

Companies face the challenge of storing and processing ever-increasing information about their customers and the efficiency of their operations. Even their best analysis or report will not provide the right knowledge if the input quality is not high. Ensure completeness, timeliness, reliability and consistency and carry out cleaning. As a result of this process, our customers save time with re-use of data, get correct business interpreting, and reduce the cost of marketing campaigns.

In the age of influx of increasing information, their analysis and understanding becomes increasingly difficult. The methods for analyzing these large, variable, and diverse data sets come to the rescue. Using a wide range of statistical and exploratory methods, it is possible to perform predictive and scenario analyzes. By gaining knowledge from the Big Data collections, it is possible to better understand the preferences of the company’s customers and to offer them the appropriate offer. For our clients we offer, among others, the preparation of analytical and statistical models.

The amount of data created and stored all over the world is increasing every day. It is important to be able to acquire knowledge from this data, in order to develop your business. We support our clients at every stage of their analytical work. We implement various Data Science projects, including Machine Learning models, from establishing business needs to production implementations. We consult on exploratory and predictive data analysis. We help prepare data architecture, and support business users in implementing Machine Learning into their operations.



Our team

Our team consists of 50 experienced Business Intelligence professionals from a company of more than 700 employees. Our extensive knowledge of technology and data management skills can be credited with both customer satisfaction and authorized SAS, Microsoft, or Oracle certifications.

In our work we focus on the business needs of our clients and the quality of our services. We are committed to provide the most comprehensive solutions. Our team includes people with different profiles: programmers, data analysts, testers, architects, project managers and data scientist. With such diverse expertise, we have a rich know-how in the field of data management.

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